Radio control of cranes

Radio control systems

PST manufacturing group performs works on transfer of crane control systems to radio control (reconstruction) together with development of project documentation, general specifications, their agreement and crane’s implementation.

Usage of radio control enables:

  • operational flexibility of the crane;
  • free movement of crane operator, crane operator is not needed in cabin;
  • control cable, which constantly needs repairs and renewal, is not needed;
  • simultaneous synchronous control of 2 cranes with a single remote control panel;
  • more accurate tracking of load’s movement and their positioning;
  • more safety for your personal;
  • better work conditions for your personal;
  • significant savings in manpower;
  • backup crane control both from crane cabin or from remote control panel;
  • significant savings in manpower, as the crane can be operated by a trained slingsman;
  • better view by load’s transfer (at control from cabin the load can get into blind zone);
  • possibility to carry a remote control panel on the crane operator's belt.

The system consists of a remote control panel and a receiving module. Radio connection between the remote control panel and the module can be up to 100 m. The system is very easy to mount and easy-to-work.

Crane’s remote control system with buttons

Screenshot_1 Push-button remote control system is meant for control of lifting equipment by means of a radio channel. Operator panel has ergonomic structure. The work with operator panel is easy, all the control components are on front panel and are easy of access for crane operator even in emergency. Sensitive buttons ensure easy and safe speed control.


  • reinforced body has a convenient design for use;
  • mechanical protection against time parallel operation in opposite directions;
  • water and dustproof buttons and body.

Crane’s remote control system with joysticks

Crane’s remote control system with joysticks is meant for control of lifting equipment. The transmitter is equipped with a belt to wear, which makes it more convenient to use. Small weight, high protection and long range of operation by lower power of radio transmitter enable the effective crane’s control.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_1 Advantages:

  • Crane’s remote control system with joysticks enables the synchronous control of 2 cranes with single remote control panel;
  • Shock-resistant metal body;
  • Possibility of having 4 intermediate speeds for every mechanism.

Interface block for crane’s control system.

Our engineers develop interface block for crane’s control system especially for every crane, in consideration of plant control system and client’s demands concerning changes of control system.
Interface block enables:

  • the second control channel from crane operator’s cabin or emergency hanging control panel;
  • crane mode switching;
  • blocking of simultaneous control by 2 channels;
  • Integration of radio control system into the crane’s control system in consideration of all the protections and blockings, which are stipulated by control scheme of crane and rules of safe design and operation of lifting devices.

Purchased equipment corresponds to latest technical requirements and has warranty period of 12 months. Post-warranty service is possible.