Frequency control of electric drive

Our company is a leader at the Ukrainian market on implementation of frequency converters in electric drive control systems for solution of a variety of technological tasks in all the industries. We suggest to consider the possibility of delivery, installation and farther service of frequency converters of world leading manufacturers:

  • Control Techniques (England) – AC current frequency converter Commander SK are optimized for heavy-duty use and for use with fans, pumps and compressors. Unidrive SP is a universal platform for solution of different tasks. Impressive flexibility and functionality enables the most effective way to solve any of the existing problems, while minimizing the cost. Control of all types of asynchronous and servomotors. Mentor II, Mentor MP - digital DC current frequency transformers.
  • VACON (Finland) - AC current frequency transformers of various types for all kinds of industries and special uses.
  • Schneider Electric (France) - the world-leading manufacturer of industrial electrical equipment - transformers Altivar, electric switchgear, control equipment and automation.
  • EATON / Moeller (Germany) - frequency transformers and industrial electrical equipment.
  • WIKA (Germany) - pressure and temperature measuring equipment.

We offer our services in solution of the problem of efficiency regulation of centrifugal pumping equipment productivity using electric drive control systems based on frequency transformers. This control system allows to provide the capacity level of the pump, which is necessary to perform a specific technological problem, which significantly reduces power consumption and extends the life of the motor and time between electro motor, pump and valves overhauls.

Our company provides a full package of services for the adaptation of control systems: development of design-engineering documentation, development of control software, supply, installation, commissioning, your company’s staff training and sales services. In case of your interest can be further post-warranty service and modernization of electric drive control systems used in other lines of your company activity.