Custom equipment

One of the key directions of PST manufacturing group is a full complex of works on development, engineering, and manufacturing of special-purpose/custom technical and technological equipment for various industries.
Manufacturing of equipment is carried out both in concordance with construction documentation and drawings provided by customer and construction documentation developed by the design engineering department of PST manufacturing group in accordance with customer’s technical requirements.

PST manufacturing group produces the following special-purpose/custom equipment:

  • various metal structures;
  • various frames for technological needs;
  • various mechanical parts: shafts, gears, gear wheels, couplings, rollers, rims, bushings etc;
  • calipers and mandrels for rolling mills;
  • tooling for seamless stainless steel tubes production press line;
  • handling grabs up to 45 t, including handling grabs for heated blank handling;
  • containers for handling of various units, blanks, barrels with acid;
  • different types of carriages - airfield, transfercar, minecart;
  • mechanization for pressing-out and handling of container liners of press line;
  • roll-forming mills and accessories/spare parts to them;
  • production lines;
  • equipment for mechanical sewage treatment;
  • semifinished goods: foundry products, pressed articles, prefinished products.

PST manufacturing group is able to provide services on performance of separate technological operations on mechanical metal-working and processing of non-metallic materials (lathe work, milling work, planning work, and other machining operations), in metals and their alloys welding, in heat treatment. We accept orders for single-item production and series manufacturing.

The high professional level of PST manufacturing group specialists enables to find and propose to customer the rational engineering solution for complex tasks.

The quality control is carried out at all stages of production. The complex of preliminary products tests is carried out according to the program agreed with the customer. PST manufacturing group also executes all the necessary certification of the final product and its commissioning.

We guarantee diligence to each of our client, high quality of order execution at a reasonable cost in terms agreed by the parties.