Beside the production of various types of lifting cranes, components and special purpose/custom equipment, PST manufacturing group has the following areas of business:

  • assembling of a new lifting equipment and disassembling of the existing one;
  • capital repairs of mechanical and electrical equipment of cranes and crane metallic structures;
  • routine maintenance of lifting equipment;
  • commissioning;
  • modernization and reconstruction of lifting equipment;
  • adaptation of cranes to radio remote control system;
  • project development, repair, installation, alignment, aligning of crane runways;
  • installation of safety devices of OHK160 family, their maintenance and adjustment.

Our repair and installation team performs installation and alignment of cranes, cranes repair and handling operation, commissioning in accordance with all current rules and regulations.

Before start the work, we develop and agree the operations management plan with the customer.
Timely maintenance of lifting devices ensures significant reduction of repair costs while operating.

PST manufacturing group concludes agreements on maintenance support of the lifting equipment. After conclusion of such an agreement our specialists visit the customer for maintenance in full conformity with the maintenance checklist, specified by the manufacturer of the lifting equipment. Also, if necessary, our professional staff members can perform works on set up of the lifting equipment, make close consultations, emergency service and preventive maintenance support of the lifting equipment.

Modernization of lifting equipment is carried out to ensure compliance of existing cranes with old-fashioned or worn out tooling and control systems to requirements of new process requirements of production (positioning accuracy, work at underspeeds, smooth start and stop, remote control of crane), to improve economical indicators of the equipment handling, to increase reliability and operations security. Modernization allows to receive the crane with necessary technical parameters and with minimum financial expenses.

Benefits of modernization:
  • ensuring reliability of the lifting equipment;
  • ensuring lifting capacity and productivity;
  • reduction of maintenance expenses;
  • ensuring significant operation life of the lifting equipment;
  • ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions for operator of equipment and for maintenance staff.

The modern solutions of the lifting equipment modernization are:
  • installation of variable-frequency control systems;
  • installation of gear-motor drive instead of the classic scheme motor-reducer-brake;
  • modernization of the electrical power supply system;
  • adaptation of cranes to radio remote control system.